About Us


On 3 February, 1983 City Soccer Club was officially formed. Doug Osborne was the main driver of the formation of the new club, with help from Peter Zahra, Brian Amor, Jim Curtis, Andy Gillan and Peter Dunne (First Coach). The club was established with players, mainly from new people arriving from all over Australia, but also from the previous Brothers Soccer Club which folded at the end of the 1982 season. For their first pre-season competition, the players wore country strips and offered country colts an avenue to advance into premier grade. The Club selected the colours of blue and white due to the influence of the players from a Scottish background.

After the 1983 season, City almost folded after the first year due to a dispute. The ex-Brothers players and a few others all went to Wanderers. At the Annual General Meeting only a handful of people turned up, who discussed what to do and decided to try and keep the Club going. The constitution required a minimum of 5 members to run a Committee. Four members agreed to sign up being: Brian and Maree Amor, and Andy and Angy Gillan. These members talked a friend, Pat McGraw into becoming the 5th member, so the Club could continue.

Andy then approached John Jamieson to be the clubs coach. After that, Andy, Brian and John put together the teams who went on to win Grand Finals in 1984, 1985 and 1986 and the rest is history.

In 1993, City Soccer Club affiliated with the Brothers Junior Soccer Club and changed its name to City Brothers Soccer Club.

In 2002, we entered a Women’s team after dropping out of the competition some years earlier.

The Eagle logo above was adopted for the Club in the mid 90’s and revamped in 2012 while still incorporating the original logo with the new logo.

2008 saw the incorporation of City Brothers Football Club following the merging of City Brothers Soccer Club (senior) and the Brothers Juniors Soccer Club.

In 2009, the Club entered into a 20 year lease of the Vigoro grounds ( also known as the Nita Fleming Playing Fields ) which are shared with the Vigoro Ladies Association, Mackay Cricket Association and Lifestream. These are now our home grounds with 2 full sized senior fields and 8 junior training fields.

Since then, with the assistance of Government and other grants, we installed lighting to 2 fields in 2010, installed an irrigation system in 2011, top dressed 2 fields in 2012 and a new fence was erected around the grounds in 2012. Since then we have erected a Gate Keepers Shed, entered into an agreement to further talented football in Mackay by offering our Training Facilities to The Crusaders Football Club.

Under 18’s/Colts and our junior teams commenced regular training at Nita Fleming Oval in 2016. That year also saw the construction of a brand new Change Room facility with showers and toilets. Many thanks to Jarrod Olsen (Modure Constructions) for overseeing and the construction of this building and the various tradesman and volunteers who contributed along the way to make this possible. We also received a grant to erect a demountable building to replace the old shipping containers on site.

In 2019 the club was fortunate enough to receive a grant from the state government for a female facility to a total of $407,000.  With this new facility, City Brothers will have one of the best facilities in Mackay for a non-for-profit organisation. Set to open in February 2021, it will make for a good start to our season!